The Easy E Chords

This is one of the easiest chords to learn and play. It was my first chord that I learned on the acoustic guitar. Most people can play the E or E Minor chord right off the bat.

        The E chords are in so many songs you hear everyday on the radio. Its an easy transition chord as well. 

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Remember This…


“I don’t mind stealing bread”
The verse most of us know from the song Hunger Strike by the combined bands of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. 


The time was April 16,1991  Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder we’re taking their bands to new highs ,and making this album was a bonus for all the Soundgarden and Pearl Jam fans. They were no strangers to one another both being vocalists in the band Mother Love Bone

During this time the Seattle scene was hot with bands like Soundgarden ,Pearl Jam and Nirvana all making a come up.This album was icing on the cake for A&M records,with hit songs like Hunger Strike and Say Hello 2 Heaven.temple-of-the-dog-4fd30d7435541

Recorded at the London Bridge Studio in Seattle Washington in only 15 days they say. If you’re in your mid 30’s this band will bring you back. Both bands combined for this album was a great move and will go down as one of the bast albums of its time. Sometimes you might catch Cris Cornell singing one of the songs from that album on his Acoustic tour.

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Part:1  Simple Strumming  

First off clear your head and put out all the bad thoughts you have about strumming the acoustic guitar. 

It’s so easy you will be strumming in no time  and putting an end to the struggling.

First you will have to train your strumming hand to keep the beat.  

I did a blog post on this topic last year called  tap tap tap

Using your foot to keep the rhythm is the best known source for staying on track with what ever song you are learning. 

Now a days you can download apps that have a metronome in the software that will help you get started.  Don’t know what a metronome is? Check this out. 

If you are interested in seeing a video on this post, please leave a comment. It would be greatly appreciated. 

 (Remember, you are in the beginning phase and need to go slow )

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Review on the iRig Acoustic by IK multimedia

Ever wanted to take your gear with you and couldn’t? No more parties with just the acoustic. IK multimedia has come up with this great product called the iRig acoustic  that allows you to take your passion for music and have it anywhere you want. 

If your on the tour bus and want to jam out or need to jot down something thats in your head. Pop in your ear phones or plug in an external speaker and open Amplitube and start playing and recording. 



Using your iPhone or iPad you can download the apps that transform your phone into a Marshall valvestate tub amp to whatever floats your boat. It has many different style pedals to change up the sound as well as a pedal that can change your acoustic guitar to a classical or jumbo style acoustic ,and a few others to give your acoustic a different sound all together.


The best part about this iRig acoustic is the high end microphone that fits on the lip of your sound hole that takes seconds to install. Its can be used for live performances at a party or any venue. Its so simple you can use it on a ukulele,bass and more.

It works with iPhones iPods iPads Android and Mac and takes just minutes to download and get started. 


Fresh out of the box you get a small carrying case for the device its self along with a few small books.

 One with all the products from IK multimedia that can be integrated in with the iRig acoustic as well as a book with detailed pictures on how to set the iRig acoustic up on your acoustic guitar. 

  1. Now the app itself will move you right along with a detailed installation on setting up the iRig acoustic. Just follow the directions and your on your way. Be careful , once you start playing the iRig acoustic you find yourself playing more and more and for a longer time span.


You can use the iRig acoustic in so many places. My favorite part about the iRig acoustic is that you can plug it in to any Aux plug ,and it sounds amazing.

I plugged it up into the buses aux plugin and played it through the bus speakers and we all jammed for 3 hours and even wrote a song….Neil Hoge

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How to play Its been awhile by Stained


This is not bad at all to learn for a beginner.  Just some simple chords that may take a few tries to get it right.


Below are the tabs along with a video that may help.

  This song is played a half a step  down, so you can not play it with the song unless you do so.

Same chords just a half a step down.

I have also included a video on tuning your guitar a half a step down as well as the video of the song played by Stained….Enjoy 

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Am              C                G      D       Am
Its been awhile since I could - hold my head up high
Am             C              G                   D       Am
Its been awhile since I first saw you   
Am             C               G           D            Am
Its been awhile since I could stand on my own two feet again
Am             C              G                 D    Am
Its been awhile since I could call you

Am          C             G     D  Am             
And every thing I can't remember
Am           C                G D Am
As fucked up as it all may seem
Am           C                  G  D Am
The consequences that I've rendered
Am           C                G    D Am
I stretched myself beyond my means

Am             C                 G          D                 Am
Its been awhile since I couldn't say that I wasn't addicted
Am             C                 G            D                Am
Its been awhile since I couldn't say I love myself as well as
Am             C                    G                     D                 Am
Its been awhile since I've gone and fucked things up just like I always do
Am             C             G                 D                            Am
Its been awhile but all that shit seems to disappear when Im with you

Am          C             G     D  Am             
And every thing I can't remember
Am           C                G D Am
As fucked up as it all may seem
Am           C                  G  D Am
The consequences that I've rendered
Am           C                G         D Am
Ive gone and fucked things up again    yea

Am    C               G  D
Why must I feel this way
Am    C             G  D 
Just make this go away
Am      C              G   D
Just one more peaceful day

Am             C            G  D             Am
Its been awhile since I could look at myself straight
Am             C                G            D   Am
Its been awhile since I said im sorry
Am             C                    G  D                  Am
Its been awhile since ive seen the way candles light your face
Am             C          G              D                Am
Its been awhile but I can still remember just the way you taste

Am          C             G     D  Am             
And every thing I can't remember
Am           C                G      D              Am
As fucked up as it all may seem   to be I know its me
Am           C                  G  D Am
I can not blame this on my father
Am           C                G         D Am
He did the best he could for me  

Am             C        G    D       Am
Its been awhile since I could hold my head up high
Am             C                G
Its been awhile since I said im sorry

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My review on the Martin 000-15sm

The 000-15SM model is solid mahogany construction with a rich satin finish. The Martin 000-size 12-fret neck has a slotted headstock. This is my next affordable solid wood guitar. The sound is deep and clear on its tone. Martin-000-15SM

The 12 frets make it a Pickers Paradise. As a beginner ,if I wanted to find a great starter guitar that can be passed down in the family,This is it.  I know the price is up there but This will make you love playing an acoustic every time you pick it up.This is a woody sounding acoustic guitar. I mean it sounds like the days of old. 12741_000_15SM_1573293_a

Playability is out of this world to go right along with the sound.

Top Material:  Mahogany

Back Material: Mahogany

Side Material:  Mahogany

“You mix all that up and the end result is a baby named sweet sound”

With the slotted head stock ,it gives it that vintage appeal 12741_000_15SM_1573293_c

mar-00015USD-4Martin 000-15SM - Full Back00015SM-0112-case1

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Here are the rest of the specs…….




Simple Dovetail Neck Joint

Body Size:

000-12 Fret

Top Material:




Bracing Pattern:

X Brace

Brace Shape:


Brace Material:

Sitka Spruce

Brace Size:


Back Material:


Side Material:


Neck Material:


Neck Shape:

Modified Low Oval

Neck Taper:

Standard Taper

Nut Material:


Headstock Shape:

Slotted with Square Taper

Headplate Material:

East Indian Rosewood

Headplate Detail:


Headplate Logo Style:

Script Old Style Overlay

Headplate Binding Material:




Fingerboard Material:

East Indian Rosewood

Scale Length:


Neck Joins Body At:

12th Fret

Number of Frets Total:


Fingerboard Width at Nut:

1 3/4”

Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret:

2 1/4”

Fingerboard Inlay Material:


Fingerboard Inlay Style:

Diamonds and Squares Short Pattern

Fingerboard Binding Material:


Side Dots:


Back and Side Finish:


Back and Sides Color:

Dark Mahogany

Finish Top:


Top Color:

Dark Mahogany

Finish Neck:


Neck Color:

Dark Mahogany

Bridge Material:

East Indian Rosewood

Bridge Style:

Belly – Drop in Saddle

Bridge String Spacing:

2 1/4”


Compensated Bone

Saddle Radius:


Tuning Machines:

Golden Age Bright Nickel Side Mount


Bridge Pin Material:



Faux Tortoise


Ply Hardshell



Left Handed Availability

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