The Easy E Chords

This is one of the easiest chords to learn and play. It was my first chord that I learned on the acoustic guitar. Most people can play the E or E Minor chord right off the bat.

        The E chords are in so many songs you hear everyday on the radio. Its an easy transition chord as well. 

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Acoustic buddy: I suck today 

” I suck today” meaning you can’t seem to hold those chords right and they won’t ring clear. This is something everyone goes through,even veterans. 

You will have days where your fingers don’t want to work right, or your hand cramps. It helps to practice as much as possible and then those days get to be few and far between. 

Never give up ,its just a wooden box with strings….Chris Smith ,Fl

 Your mind is your worst enemy. It’s all part of the process to be horrible at first and then it all starts to come together. Songs get easier to pick up on ,and the more you sit and play with other fellow acoustic lovers the better you get. Martin guitar owners say all the time that your acoustic sounds its worst the first day you get it. The older it gets the better it sounds. The same with us as acoustic players. The longer we play the better we get. It’s impossible to suck worst then when you started. 

I would love to see your videos if you care to share your accomplishments and what your learning.

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Learning the A chords 

Learning the A chord is one of the easiest chords to learn.  You can use one finger or two, I have even seen three. Regardless it’s an easy chord to change from and to.  

Works great with the E chord and is a great starter chord to get you going.  

Here is a Quick video on How to play the A chord

Here are three different A chords to start practicing. Be sure to click on the pics and print or save it for future help.  

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Finger Tips 

Keeping your hands in the right position will not only help your chord changing skills, but will make your chords wring more clear. 

Your Fingertips are the wheels that keep this car moving.  If you are a beginner and you are dealing with sore fingertips start practicing like this. 

Practice every other day ,that way it’s not so hard to pick up where you left off.

 Learning these chords require lots of repetition (muscle memory). Once you get them down,it’s stuck in your brain for ever. Just like riding a bike

If your fingertips are starting to get sore “and they will” just take break for a day and fight through it on the day after.  

Your fingers will develop tough skin on the very tips. After a few months of playing you won’t even notice.   Playing the guitar has a lot going on all at the same time, sore fingertips is just half of it.  

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What can I build you

As an entrepreneur and a acoustic guitar lover ,I am always looking to help someone with learning the guitar. I get what people are struggling  with the most ,then make a tool to help make it easier.  

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Help me build something to get you through the beginning phase

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Super Simple Acoustic Guitar 

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The Acoustic Crawl 

Starting out learning the acoustic guitar is not all easy. If your patience run thin you may want to try something like yoga. 

As a beginner you are deciphering through thousands and thousands of blog posts and books and videos on how to play correctly and it’s overwhelming.  How do you choose the right learning tool to teach you the ropes?

So the acoustic crawl begins.  The slow process of learning the guitar with no help. 

From your first acoustic guitar to your first chords tries very hard to put you in the right direction to use the best products and best methods for learning the acoustic guitar. With product reviews and breakingdown songs for you the beginner. 

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One mans trash is another mans treasure 

What one person wants is not necessarily what everyone else wants. This has never been more true when it comes to the musical instrument world. 

You may find one musician here that loves this style of capo ,and you may find a musician over here says “capos aren’t worth buying at all”.

Everyone can say at one time or another they have bought something that wasn’t as it seemed. And in the same breath someone halfway across the world uses the same thing and swears by it.

Just because someone couldn’t or didn’t like this thing or that thing doesn’t make it not worthy.  Your own preferences will get you a lot farther. Always use your on judgement, When you start listening to others who don’t like a certain brands ,you miss out on some great brands that make great stuff. 

When your buying a acoustic guitar don’t let someone’s opinion be the final factor for your decision. Play them all and get what feels right to you. All acoustic guitars are great in there on wa. 

If you start listening to others say you should get this acoustic guitar and not that one, you just may end up stuck with an acoustic that sits in the corner and becomes something you wanted to learn.  Wanting to learn to play the acoustic guitar is only as tuff as you make it. You can make it go much easier if you do your research. Because one mans trash is another mans treasure. 

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