My name is Justin Beene I am a husband a father of an 18-year-old young lady and a six-year-old very rambunctious boy.  

We moved to Nashville Tennessee from Orlando Florida six years ago to be with family here. I am very passionate about the acoustic guitar I love playing the acoustic guitar I love everything about it the way it sounds the little things you can do to it to make it sound even better or worse if you do them wrong. 

Before Christmas of 2014 I decided to do something with what I love so much      how can I talk about it without being annoying ,well that’s easy   you talk to people who like to talk about it too    so that’s why I’m here.  

My website that I started http://www.thebeanproject.com is a beautiful disaster right now   And so is my blog here on word press but I am getting the hang of it every day and will improve by the years end.  

I am in my beginning stage of change and rearrange which I think I’m doing more worse than good but not in it for all the money. Just in it to have a good time talk about acoustic guitars meet tons of people along the way.

I do reviews on guitars mostly strings because they sure do make a guitar sound great if you have a good set of strings. Pedals things that you can use as a beginner.    beginner guitars.   I just want to be helpful to those starting out    I’ve beenplaying the guitar since I was eight years old     since been on and off     play here put it down played here put it down    I’m 37 now two years ago I picked it up again permanently this time went out took 6 to 8 months I forget.   Went in every pawnshop every big store music store online I tried I played everything out there until I found the guitar that was right for me and that’s how everyone just getting started should do it      you should check out my midlife guitarist blog post I think it was one of my first blog posts

Research is the key learning to play   it’s fun if you make it fun      there was times where I wanted to smash my guitar up against the wall but it it was because I was playing crappy guitars or the action was too high and it was too hard to play for a beginner so I was a beginner for all these years so please come with me on my journey with my website help me grow comment leave reviews help me figure out what works what doesn’t work what you guys want to talk about I love Martin guitars that’s what I bought by the way get to know me I’m a great guy I’ll answer any question if I can’t answer it I will get you an answer. 

Another reason why I started this blog and my website was because I hated going into these big music stores in speaking with these kids that knew absolutely nothing about when I was talking about could not offer me any tech advice that was worthy or any information that wasn’t pumped into them on a sheet of paper that they read 50 times as a sales pitch.  Very rarely will you find a big-name music store with someone behind the counter that is given you some believable advice on what type of strings to buy or is it worth putting a bone nut and a bone saddle?  

Anyways thanks again. 


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  1. Thank you for the “like” on my videos. Do you mind if I ask how you came across them? Also, I like your site. I think I’m gonna use some of your tips because I’m self taught and often times don’t really know where to go to improve.

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