A beginners guide to the acoustic guitar 

Looking for an Acoustic that’s fits you

This is where people go wrong when learning the acoustic guitar. They start listening to others on what acoustic to buy.  Its your decision in the end but choosing the wrong acoustic guitar in the beginning will cause you to give up on learning. Spending less money on an acoustic doesn’t mean you’re getting the best acoustic to learn on. Saving your money for a few extra weeks will be worth it in the long run to get a great learning guitar. In my opinion you will spend $500 or more on a good acoustic that has good playability. 


Your comfortable is different from mine

A big acoustic guitar like a Dreadnought may not be the correct size for you to start with. They make a small Dreadnought that’s a great starter acoustic.  The ooo acoustics that Martin Guitar makes are hands down the greatest sounding guitars out there but are on the pricey side.

It’s best to just get out and play every kind you can think of.Go in every music store and every pawn shop and look for the one that feels right for you not someone else.



What strings do I need as a beginner

Again ,you want what fits your style of play and not someone else’s 

I put a set of light to med light on all of my students acoustic guitars before we ever get started for the fact that it’s easier on their fingers when pressing down in the beginning.

A lighter string is more forgiving for a beginner. It’s going to make the beginner acoustic player less frustrated with the playability than if he or she was playing heavy or med strings. 

Be very careful when putting on a thinner gauge string because they are more likely to break when installing or putting them on.


My hands don’t want to work correctly

In the beginning your hands are going to want to do their own thing.

From strumming to chord changing and finger style picking it’s not so easy to just pick it up and go. 

You are going to have to train your hands fingers and feet to all do something different when playing. I like to call it muscle memory. You do something so many times you start to do it with no thought process involved. Your hands fingers and arms will learn the motions they need to take and the position they need to be in for what chords and what strumming pattern to use.

It will all fall in to place and just start to happen before you know it.


Learn on your time with no pressure

Music teachers are great and most of use have had a few in our life. But when I was learning the acoustic guitar I was being rushed by the teacher to keep it moving and I wanted to take longer learning the basics. It was way more frustrating having more and more info being put on you each lesson and not having time to absorb what I had just learned. 

The best thing to do is find a guitar mentor or online lessons that allow you to hit play and pause when ever you want to learn. Otherwise you’re getting frustrated thinking this is not for you and give up.Learning the acoustic guitar is only as hard as you make it.


Learning your basics first

Once I learned the basics I was able to play so many songs I liked. The more songs you learn the more you build your guitar confidence up until your attempting bigger and harder songs.  The basics are the backbone of the learning process.

By learning your basic 7 chords in the beginning you give yourself the start that puts you in the livingroom playing for the party or gathering or even on stage for hundreds. 

Want  your basic chords in a colorful free Ebook that’s so easy to read?   CLICK HERE and get started learning the acoustic guitar today.


                                Check out our Beginner Acoustic Guitar Facebook Page



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