FUN FACTS:    Chris Cornell on alternate tuning.      

The question was asked to Chris Cornell what was the inspiration behind a lot of your alternate tunings in your songs.  

A lot of times if I couldn’t reach a chord in the song we were trying to achieve   we just altered the chord intill it fit my voice and that was pretty much it .

“Genius that’s what I say”  Chris Cornell is no stranger to making music that people love   This is just another reason to back up his greatness. 

When I think of alternate tuning I think of Keith Richards in honky-tonk woman, brown sugar. 

Many others can also be put in this category but From Keith Richards to Chris Cornell we’ve come along way. 

If you’ve never played any alternate tuning songs on the guitar I highly suggest it. Not only is it a boost of morale for your guitar playing skills. “They’re so fun.”  Enjoy 

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